Choose the Most Convenient Testing Method for You

We can perform laboratory testing in Chickasha, OK


After gathering samples for drug testing, we can bring them back for laboratory testing or perform more rapid testing on-site. Motionworks Industrial Safety LLC can go over the benefits of your different options to help you make an informed decision about which type of testing would be best for your company.

Every lab test we administer is medically reviewed to ensure accuracy. A lab test involves:

Collecting urine, hair or fingernail clippings
Taking the subject's temperature
Completing necessary paperwork
Sealing the container and sending it to a lab
Providing results in 24 hours

If the lab test comes back "non-negative," we will submit the specimen for additional testing to figure out what drug is present. We'll also talk to the individual about what medicine they take to rule out any skewed results.

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How does rapid drug testing work?

How does rapid drug testing work?

While rapid testing is not always as reliable as testing in the lab, it will provide far faster results. You'll be able to test employees right away and get the answers you need immediately. Rapid tests reveal "non-negative" results but cannot confirm positive results.

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