Screen for a Variety of Substances

Schedule a drug test through us in the Chickasha, OK area

The drug tests we administer can save you a lot of trouble and prevent drug use on your commercial property. Motionworks Industrial Safety LLC works swiftly and efficiently when testing employees for drugs. We work with trucking and other major industries. We can also do court-related testing for child custody cases and juvenile issues.

Our testing includes:

Checking hair samples
Inspecting urine samples
Examining fingernail samples

We do not take or use blood samples. We check for metabolites, which show drug use up to five days prior to the test.

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Don't let anyone arrive at work drunk

Don't let anyone arrive at work drunk

If you have reasonable suspicion someone is working under the influence, you can arrange for an alcohol test. We have the proper equipment to test for alcohol in an individual's urine.

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